First Nugget Found With GPX 5000 At Rye Patch, NV

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I finally found my first nugget with the GPX 5000! The 1.9 gram chevron gold nugget and it's specimen brother were found last weekend during a 3-day training session with Gerry, Spencer, Mark and Ron and 12 other new friends at the "hunted out" Rye Patch :lol: . First off, let me give a big thank you to my trainers as I would have never had the skills, knowledge and research to find the gold...priceless. They taught me about setting up the GPX 5000, expert GB, mineralized soil, double signals, protecting power cords and connectors, etc. etc, etc.I was using my trusty NF 17" EM with DOC's GoldScreamer Power Pack, heard the soft wee ooh and dug out the beautiful chevron nugget at 8" deep. The thrill and excitement were fantastic and I'm hooked for life. Folks it's been said before, but there is nothing more important than professional hands-on in the field training! I think just everyone found some gold with the GPX's and GB2 during those 3 days and it was truly a blast. This forum and alot of others has been truly educational for me and it finally paid off! Thanks Rob for your support during the past 3 years. Now I just have to get out there again after the snow melts off.


Laporte, CO

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Awesome GOLD. That GPX 5000 is a gold getter.Thats only the beginning. Dave


It was nice meeting you today. I wish I had more time to chit chat. Steve can fix up that scratch mark for you. Sorry to hijack the thread cobill.

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