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Okay, so I have a new (1-1/2 month old) Gold Bug Pro. I know it will find gold because I have already found a nugget with it, HOWEVER, I think it may have a problem and would like some input before calling Fisher to send it in.

I noticed yesterday that every time I would sweep around the base of a bush or in between rocks it would sound off as though there was a target there. So I would dig and dig and find nothing. So I checked the connector and it was tight. I then went to look at the coil and accidentally bumped the cable where it goes into the coil...and it sounded off. So I continued to gently tap the cable just above the boot, and every time I would tap it it would make the same sound as when passing over a target.

Is this a normal function? I wouldn't think it would be but I'm no expert on these things. The only reason I ask is because the White's GMT I had before the Bug used to do the same thing. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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