Doc's New Detector Rods

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Recieved my new complete set of rods. I've been contemplating buying longer lowers and a non-metalic upper for a few months and then up pops Doc's post about his new product selection AND a promo offer on price what timing for me!!!

Assembled the new carbon upper on my control box and LOVE IT :wub: yes a bit lighter and still feels strong and rigid.

I put a little spray wax on the rubber spacers that fit into the lower rod where it attaches to the coil ears to facilitate/ease installation. Nice fit.

The extra length of the 28 inch rod is absolutely great to have versus the stock 24 inchers. With plenty of adjustment holes between the new upper and lowers I'm in heaven.

Those 32 and 40 inch rods are what is needed on the x-tra large coils for sure whether your'e 5'5 or especially if your taller 6 footer these rods really make a difference in getting that coil out in front and increasing you swing pattern coverage with minimal effort.

I use a selection of coils from 8 inches to 20 and various shapes these rods are a GREAT asset I was using 24" rods on all of them and that just wasn't working for me.

Next step is to get all this gear out in the field for useage can't wait.Looks like maybe this weekend I'll be back in the field.

Thanks Doc I appreciate the effort you have made in bringing this idea into reality and the Special Pricing Promo you have offered.

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Let me tell you about this here guy named Frank.

With all the orders coming in for all of these rods, and all the packages going out that looked the same, I mistakenly printed out two postage labels for Frank's promotional package.

I thought I put the one label aside so I would remember to request a postage refund on that extra label postage. I submitted my postage refund request, and all was well, I thought.

Frank calls me and says, "Hey Doc, something got screwed up because I got two packages of rods from you instead of one." Holy crap, I must have grabbed the extra label by mistake and slapped it on a second box.

I told Frank I would send him a return shipping label, he said, "Well I need to place an order anyway so you can just put it in with that Quick Adjust Bungee you have for $18.95 because I need one of those." Frank proceeded to give me his credit card information.

So in a day or two Frank will get a return shipping label, a quick adjust bungee, and a paid invoice, but won't he won't get is a credit card receipt because the Quick Adjust Bungee is on me. Thank you for being an honest guy Frank. It is appreciated.

Then I had to call the post office and tell them to cancel the refund request because that postage label did get used after all. Gosh I hate getting old.



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