Greaterville is Burning

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Well we planned on hunting today and tomorrow but had to evac Kentucky Camp this morning at about 11:45. Looks like the fire started close to the private land marked Greaterville on the map. Winds are blowing it Southwest right now but it was only about two ridges north of FS road #163. Man it went up QUICK!! I dropped south of Boston Gultch at about 11:00 and saw the plume directly to the north just starting. I was worried I had set the cabin on fire!!!!! Headed back to the cabin and damm!! Had to evacuate the place by 11:45!! Headed back home. Here are some pictures......

They had three choppers and one plane on it with in an hour. Tons of cops and fire service heading down 83 to start home evacs it looked likte to me on the way out. I'll bet alot of the Goldfeild down there gets cleared out by this fire, it's burning fast....Hope we don't loose Kentucky Camp and hope the home owners in the area come out ok.



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WOW! hope nobody gets hurt that place has the potential of superfire for several hundred square miles of chest high ,thick scrub and grass :blink:

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I work fires, right now I'm on the Rock House fire in West Texas, It was part of the Trans Pecos Complex but as of April 28 It became a stand alone fire, I was reassigned from the PK Complex at Mineral springs TX, I will most likly head back home to Idaho this weekend....I hope they get a handle on that fire that you were talking soon, if not I will make myself available to go to Arz. ....Idaho Al

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Greetings Gentlemen,

I just posted this on another forum but saw this so thought I'd add my post:


Heading out to Greaterville here in Southern AZ last Sunday and I decided to stop and buy a good fire extinguisher and double check all my safety gear. There's been rampant fires down this way the last few weeks that paint the sky a nasty blend of yellow and gray that reminds me of Afghanistan, very unfortunate.

I got to Greaterville and realized I didn't have to worry too much about setting the place on fire since someone all ready had. The picture with yours truly shows Granite Mountain in the background. The other is looking East across the valley at the Whetstones. Both of these were taken just North of the old Greaterville property (private). The main gulches and club claims a evaded most of the fire (I think) but I think Ophir and some of the lesser known areas burned.

I know there's plenty of good things about burning and how government incompetence contributes to this but it was a bummer to see my beloved blackened so miserably. On a lighter note a good monsoon ought to move around some nice stuff.

The moral: BE SAFE. If my blower fell over into a bush after running for a few minutes it would set that thing on fire. Keep your extinguisher right next to you if you're running a motor and take all the appropriate precautions.

The fire stopped burning about 15 feet from a spot I've been drywashing. The gulch is rough to get in and out of and I bet this fire moved quick. A very sobering reminder that a careless mistake or lack or preparation can quickly endanger the lives of others, destroy homes or kill.

Be safe!




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Yea the trees looked good for the most part and it's pretty cool to be able to see EVERYTHING. Every old digging and piece of scrap laying around.

The vagrant shot was for some adoring fans. I'm a single man now and ladies dig the rugged look.

Terry: that was weird but I feel strangely good about it... I mean I love breasts, yea, big ones! LOL

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Check it out guys. I got out two weeks ago. Guess what side of the road the burn was on ???????


right side..grass look thinner.

Paints not burnt off of the fence posts.

Man, that came back FAST!


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