Coil for depth on a Eureka Gold

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I have been reading a lot on coils and to be honest I am a little confused. I get the impression that the bigger the coil, the deeper it goes. But on the other side of that token, I have also heard that a bigger coil for my Eureka is not going to give me any more depth. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of money last year on guns that I never use, long before I got into prospecting, and now that I want to get rid of the guns to help fund one of the GP or GPX model Minelab's, I can't seem to find buyers for them. So I am stuck having to use the VLF detector for now. It is a good machine, but obviously I need to step up into the PI domain to really have a chance at finding anything decent at depth.

So are there any suggestions for a coil that will give me a little more depth without losing TOO much stability? Thanks in advance.

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Hey Chris,

Probably the best coil for depth on the Eureka Gold is the Coiltek 15-inch WOT Searchcoil. This coil is 100% waterproof, lightweight, DD design and will give you more depth. I personally sale a lot of these coils throughout the year for the XT series, Eurekas, E-Trac and other coin/relic detectors for the Minelab's.

Give me a call, I have them in stock at all times.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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