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Hello all,

We are pleased to introduce this new coil to our product range.

a 15" ALL TERRAIN X-TERRA 7.5kHz DD coil.

Please view more about this coil here>>>>>>

It will be available for sale on August 1st 2011 - so contact your local dealer for information on pricing and availability.

We wish all the greatest of success!


Trevor @ Coiltek.

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Yes, the 15 inch coil is completely waterproof. The announcement Trevor posted takes you to an information page which then links you to dealers in Australia; this is causing a little confusion.

Just to clear things up, this coil is not available to the U.S. consumers through Australia. It will be available as usual through normal distribution channels here in the United States.

You can contact any Minelab dealer here in the U.S. to order this coil. If your favorite Minelab dealer does know about the coil please refer them to me as I am the exclusive distributor for Coiltek coils here in the U.S. and I can set them up, so they have this coil in stock when they become available.

Rob will have the coils in stock as the official release date is August 1, and we are aiming for that date to get the first load of coils in from Coiltek Manufacturing.



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