COILTEK Xterra 7.5 kHz King of the Beach

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I hereby declare the NEW Coiltek 15 inch 7.5 kHz WOT coil for the Xterra, the King of the Beach. I have been in Imperial Beach on vacation for three weeks. I have been using the Xterra 705 with the stock concentric 7.5 kHz Minelab 9 inch coil. Great coil, by the way. I'm not use to using concentric coils, but they are a snap to use.

Trevor sent over 2 of the new Coiltek Xterra 7.Hz 15 inch WOT coil for me to play with while waiting for my shipment. They just arrived Friday and I had Ricardo, send one to me. I noticed right off that the coil came with an included fitted skid plate, plastic nut and bolt, and a shim washer; however the washer was not needed as the coil is a perfect fit with the Xterra lower rod.

This coil kicks some serious BEACH BUTT. The response is sharp and clean, the meter readings are spot on, and depth and coverage... well you just can't come close to it with the smaller coils. Pinpointing is a snap. This coils has such a strong magnetic field that I found it really easy to pinpoint right off the toe of the coil. You do have to back off the sensitivity a little with such a large coil.

I am used to using large coils on Pulse Induction gold machines, and a 9 inch round coil just does not seem like I have enough coil to scan big areas like a beach but this COILTEK 15 inch coil works beautifully. I have to say after using the Coiltek coil I don't think I would use any other coil for the beach. The 9 inch concentric coil certainly has it's place, I would think if you were working parks, yards and around bushes etc. But when you have large fields and open areas like beaches, where you want to cover a lot of ground quickly, the Coiltek 15 inch WOT coil for the Xterra is the King of the Beach.


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Hey Doc and All,

Ya, I know for a fact this coil is going to be a huge hit! I have had customers ask me about this coil and if it would ever be available for the X-Terra series. I told them if I know Trev, it would be coming at some point in time. Great to see if finally got here, as the WOT series has been a huge hit on the XT series, Excal, Explorer and E-Trac series along with the Sovereign.

If anyone is looking to get one of these coils, I should have them available for sale within the next week. I believe the release date is Aug. 4th for $329.00 if I recall.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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