Detectors and Wet Ground

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Woke up this morning planning to go out detecting, and wouldn't you know it, it's raining! As much as it bummed me out that I couldn't go out, It is really nice to finally have some moisture out here again. I know that detectors are okay to use in a light rain or drizzle, but even though I have a control box cover on my unit I don't think I will chance it.

With that being said, how does wet soil conditions affect the performance of a detector? I am probably wrong, but I would imagine that the wet soil is going to do with the coil signal like water does with electricity; that is to enhance the depth capabilities of the machine. Am I off on that assumption? I would like to get out as soon as the rain subsides and it is still cloudy to avoid the blazing 114 degree heat we have been experiencing out here. Thanks.

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My opinion is that the signals get better (a little) but with wet ground usually comes overcast and the friction that is created sometimes gives the detector fits (emi) the 5000 seems to handle it better. tune youre machine with all settings to the max then turn youre settings back to normal after you find the best possible channel.

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I can't say for sure but I don't seem to get as much depth in wet soil, maybe it is the EMI and tuning the gain down because of that? Anyhow I don't really care for it. The mud is messy and harder to clean off everything. I perfer dry dirt....maybe I've been in the desert too long?

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I hate it in NV anyway.....

I have a friend here who will show you how this wet clayie soil will mask a nugget 8 inches deep....go back over it when the ground has baked and it will sound right off,,,

all i can say is try it and see..


i am trying to remember what Jon Porter says about it on his DVD....anybody remember??

You out there Jonathan???? Chime in mate!

What do you say Rob...? or maybe we should ask your wife,,,hahahaha

love you all, just havin fun!!!!


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