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Hello All,

The new Northern Bradshaw Footprint is now available and being shipped. If you're interested, please contact me and we will get a copy shipped off to you. The price for the new DVD is $70 + shipping & handling.

Below is more information on the new Northen Bradshaw Footprint DVD -

The BEST Summertime prospecting goldfields in Arizona are in the Bradshaw Mountains near Prescott.

Lynx Creek, Big Bug, Walker, Groom Creek, Poland Junction and the Upper Hassayampa mining districts are all mapped in detail on this FootPrint.

We cover over 200 square miles of some of the most productive gold territory in the country. Detailing over 600 Mineral Patents granted between 1874 and 1962 proves the mineral wealth of these mountains. Many of these patents are now open to prospecting and claiming as part of the Prescott National Forest.

Lynx Creek is the most productive placer creek in the history of Arizona mining. This FootPrint maps the entire creek drainage, including the Lynx Creek Withdrawal Area, the popular public prospecting site that still produces good gold and is workable all year long.


Patents & History

In the area covered by this FootPrint we detail over 700 Patents. Including Homesteads, Mineral Placer, and Mineral Lode Claims.

There is a wealth of easily accessible historical data about mining in the Bradshaw Mountains. Knowing the locations and names of mineral patents allows you marry the history of the area with the map Doing this can provide valuable insights as to where the gold may lie.

We provide a custom map layer, showing the boundaries of all Land Patents in the area along with a database that tells you if the mineral rights were transferred with the patent. An actual copy of the patent is provided where available.



The Bradshaw Mountains have a complex geology. This FootPrint maps the Geology of the entire area at a scale 1:100k, clearly identifying numerous mineralized belts where gold is likely to be found.

Combining the Geology layer with the Hydrography layers will help you identify those downstream areas most likely to contain placer gold.

The complete USGS Geologic Report is included with the FootPrint for extended research.


Mining Claims

As with all of our FootPrints, we map all claims to their Actual Boundaries as filed with the County Recorder. The land covered by the North Bradshaw FootPrint is mostly within the boundaries of the Prescott National Forest and open to mineral entry.

There are still thousands of acres of good prospecting areas available for claiming identified on this FootPrint.

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SOUNDS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The new Northern Bradshaw Footprint is now available and being shipped.

This FootPrint was a long time coming for Clay and I. Partly because its been an adventurous summer out here in the Gila, partly because the North Bradshaw FootPrint has an incredible amount of detail. We are glad to finally have it shipping. We are already getting great feedback from prospectors in the area who are finding new prospecting places in their own backyards.

There are hundreds of historic mines, patents and placer workings in this area. It covers some of the most productive and important gold districts in the State. Take a look at the full extent of the map below. I am sure that you all recognize some of these areas near Prescott.

Whenever we map a new area, I collect history, maps, geology and all kinds of other stuff to help prospectors with their research. I have posted a page of links on our website.

Mining History - North Bradshaws

I have lots more to post up over the next week or so. The first link is to my current blog which reproduces parts of a USGS geologic report that details the history of placer operations on Lynx Creek. After all this time, and dredging, I know folks getting good gold out of that creek this year!

In our Ripple Library, there are some additional maps of the area, Including our custom 3D topo of the Lynx Creek area. The 1905 Geologic Folio of the Bradshaw Mountains and the USGS 1903 Topo map of the Bradshaw Mountain Quadrangle.


Geologic Folio

USGS 1903 Topo

Keep an eye out for new research postings on my Ripple Blog. There is a huge amount of historical information available about the Bradshaws. Many thanks to Sharlot Hall in Prescott for its massive efforts to preserve local history. Be sure to look them up when doing your research.


See you all in the Bradshaws!

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