Second day out with Gold Bug 2

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Today was my second time out using my new Gold bug 2, this time I played with the settings and didnt have everything maxed out.I was going over old heaps I have detected before with other detectors GMT, Exterra 70 and minelab 18000. The Gold bug made me realize just how much I have missed.It also showed me just how small it will pick up gold. There are a couple of pieces of wire gold not much thicker than hair. I had a great day 33 tiny pieces of gold whether you can call them nuggets I dont know but everyone of those pieces are very welcome Total weight for the 33 pieces is 1.3 grms Great day great machine cant wait to get back. Seeya Neilo2gb.jpg

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.....these GB2's have proven themselves to all they just don't let much stuff get... so if you know you are getting that..and a big chunker shows up it will sound like a man-hole cover!!!!

Good job....

I love my GB2!!!

I will be using it next weekend when I go out for a weeks vacation!!!!

I pray it beeps me a chunk big enough to pay for two medical mission trips, one to the north island of Fiji-via New Zealand in October--- and one to the Bolivian Amazon Riverboat Medical Mission trip...[4 med personnel and crew]

i estimate the nugget would weigh in around 3.5 to 4 that's it! Now all i have to do is get out there and pick it up..... :rolleyes:

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