My Xterra 705 Dying?

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I got an Xterra 705 in Sept '09 after hunting with an Ace 250 for several years. I figured I'd get about 7-8" depth on the Xterra from the old adage "1 inch depth per hundred dollars spent." I noticed right away that my max depth was only about 5 inches with everything turned up to max. I tried all the different frequency coils, all different settings to maximize the detector, but 5" was about the absolute limit of the detector. I tried on both coin/relic setting as well as prospector mode and both were the same. After 5", no signal no matter if the target was a modern penny, a quarter or a silver half dollar. So I've been hunting with it like this for almost 2 years, being outdone by my buddy who has a White's DFX. Also, a few times in the last 6 months, when I was out detecting, the sound just died. The read-out was still working, but no sound at all. After turning off the 705 for about 20 minutes and putting it in a cooler place in 2 instances where the temp was in the high 90s, it started working again. The 3rd time, the temp was only about 70 degrees.

Yesterday I got in the WOT coil and put it on, expecting at least 12" of depth. Nope. Maybe 6", but even that was an extremely weak signal and the target ID was almost non-existent. I tried adjusting sensitivity, noise, threshold and groundbalance, but no good. I could make it LESS sensitive easily, but couldn't see anything that was more than 6" away. I tried a penny, dime, quarter, silver half dollar and silver eagle. No real difference except on the penny and dime which were invisible if I was more than 2" away.

Soooooo, I'm thinking it's time to send in my little 705 control box to Minelab and have them take a look at it or wondering if what I'm experiencing is normal for a 705. After talking with Kevin Houghland and Doc, I think I have a problem that needs to be fixed.



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