Coiltex DD-pro coil's..?

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I think it really depends on your detecting habits. The DD Pro Elite is a 14" round, which is nice from shallow to deeper environments. If you just mainly hunt bedrock you could probably go with the Minelab 10" eliptical DD, or one of the other smaller aftermarket DD coils, as any one of them should do just fine. I like my DD Pro Elite due to its ability to punch deeper in hot ground, and its light weight. So, if you have a chance to get one, and it suits your detecting style, then dont hesitate to pic one up.

Heres a pic of my DD Pro out in The San Domingo area in fairly hot basalt ridden ground.

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Hay Adam I'v got a 14 coiltex DD-coil but it's not a DD-pro .It seam's to work good when in area's with iron trash keep's me from diggin to many hole's for nothing..I'll have to try one of those DD pro'if I get the chance. HH Hobby

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Hey Hobby,

The Coiltek DD Pro's have been a huge hit for DD users. The DD Pro's actually use more wire and are probably a bit heavier vs. the standard DD coil of the same size. The DD Pro's are more sensitive and get a bit more depth over the standard DD. I've had huge success with the Wallaby DD Pro & 14-inch Round DD Pro in Arizona and Alaska, especially on mineralized ground.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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