My homemade Trommel

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Hi all:

Well, seeings that its a tad toasty to go out and detect...I have been working on making a trommel for the wetter season I know will come someday.

Its going to be battery powered/recirculating.

It has a 8" barrel and is roughly 35"L X 35H X 14W.

Its pretty light as im using as much aluminum as I can. I have been buying most of the parts off of E-bay and using up my scrap metal. Its going to cost 133 bucks when im done. I still have to build the

bottom hopper the sluice,paint it, and finish the wiring. I cranked it up tonight and it runs nice and smooth. Didnt even have to adjust the chain smile.gif The hard part is over. It was a challenge getting the barrel made and all the gearing lined up.

Its coming along good.


Tom H.

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That looks very nice. I hope it works as good as you want it to in the field, and that it has a practical use in Arizona.. Its has to start cooling down soon... B)

It does have a practical purpose...keep my dad occupied when I go out trapsing around in the hills :)


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Very cool! What are those HUGE yellow rocks in there! :blink::blink:

Just some gold I stubbed my toe on last weekend. :P

NOT...just yellow rocks! :)


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Hey Tom,

Great looking homemade trommel. Now all we need is some water so we can use it! :D I have plenty of dirt right off of bedrock if you want to take some home for your Dad to play with .... LOL

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

Tks Rob:

Maybe next time im up there I can grab a couple of buckets.

Pops would love it! :)



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Very nice looking trommel.

What size of openings are on your screen?


I made the drum out of 3/8 expanded metal


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