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Hi everyone, Im new to the forum and wanted to say hi and introduce myself.. I am a young placer miner from canada interested in learning and purchasing a detector for prospecting my claims.. here are a few pics from my prospecting trip last month :)






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:) That is some great looking gold! My prospecting buddy from Chilliack find mostly 100 mesh or flour gold. Nothing bigger than a match head. I would say you got a great spot there! For a detector get the best that you can afford. Some thing to considered is the ground mineralization, and the size of the gold in your area. They are a lot of good informations on all the gold prospecting, nugget shooting forums. For small gold you need a detector that is mainly made for prospecting gold... yes there are a few relic/coin detectors that will find gold nuggets, and some gold detector that can find coins and relics. Most of the detectors that are made specifically to find gold can ground balance better, and handle hot, or mineralized ground better. If you can, join a club or try to meet and get out with somebody that have, that do get out and use a detector. Ask questions and more questions, try to "test drive" a detector before separating with your money, and don't overlook the used markets,or the classify "for sale" sections on these gold forums.Welcome, and good luck.

More Au to you, Robert

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Thanks for the tips Robert and Im glad you guys liked my pics.. I sure enjoy getting out to a place like this, it was lots of digging for this gold haha.. I have been saveing for a few years now.. soo when the snow falls I hope I can go down south to buy a gpx 5000 from Rob and get some lessons if hes available..


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