Thirty minute hunt

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Hey All, I got a late start today and it is hot. My wife just had dropped me off at one of my areas I play in. I walked in for ten minutes and hit the area that I wanted to go over. Seven targets in a five foot square area. I took the GB Pro and went over all the targets again checking the meter. The meter said five of the targets were lead,one target was iron and the other target gave me an overload response on 40 with no ferrous bars. Hmmm, well I dug the the iron, then I dug the lead targets. The meter had been right on. Now, because I have been fooled a couple of times before with the GB Pro hitting that 40 mark but the target being a very old and real brass casing I still was not excited. In the past I have not had brass casing go into overload mode. The target was located in a short crevice maybe three inches deep and covered with light sand. I took my little gold pan and dipped some water up and poured over the top of the crevice washing the sand down. When it cleared up here was this 12.7 dwt nugget looking back up at me. Most of you guys know that feeling, its like the first time all over again. I called the wife up and told her to come meet me at the pickup point. Ten minutes later I was on the road again to the house, still glowing. I think I will sit around the pool the rest of the day. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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awesome nugget Raygun , wish I was with ya' when you found it, that must have been pretty exciting. some how gold is attracted to you , I 've seen first hand, they are going to have to put your gb pro in the hall of fame. lol thanks for the call, and maybe we will go out detecting sometime. I bet Rugerguy really really wants to find his first nugget now. holly seen this and really wants to go.

take care Ray


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