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Hey All, I got for a few hours to try and sample a small creek I have had my eyes on for awhile. Bedrock is everywhere and there are so many twists and turns for the gold to lay out at. There are no diggins any where near and the creek does not look like it has been worked. You just dont know where you want to start sometimes. I walked up the creek a little and saw a nice crevice that was just right for washing out with a bit of water. After moving the cobble and washing the loosepack off with water from my little pan I grabbed the GB Pro and sure enough there was that nice sounding signal of gold. Well it turned out to be pretty small but I was able to tweezer out a few more pieces that I could see. I liked the fact that there are huge waterworn chunks of hematite wedged in the crevice along with other good indicators. Here are a few pictures, not all that I had, the cell phone camera seemed to have a mind of its own today, along with fact that I covered up my squeeze bottle that has about 3 pennyweights of the same stuff in it. I will find it when I go back. I am sure I will have a few good days on this creek and more pictures will follow. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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Man Ray,

you are being very consistent !

I think you have found more than enough gold with that GBPro to pay for itself...i will take a look at them when i jump back in the game....

I am also looking in to going for a dredging trip in southern island of NZ for a day or two when I come back to New Zealand from the Fiji med/dental trip...life is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up!


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Hi Ray,

good job again , atleast you didn't have to pack out one of those big nuggets 2 days in a row. lol . you sure Fisher hasn't called you yet for your own detecting show.

anyways nice gold again.

were going detecting saturday somewhere , not sure . but it's my B-day , so me and holly will probably go up by hayfork or something .

Take care Raygun


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