Minelab Pricing Adjustment effective Sept. 26th

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Hello All,

Just wanted you all to be aware of the Minelab pricing adjustment that will take effect on Sept. 26th. The following metal detectors will change in price.

Minelab GPX5000 from $5,595.00 to $5,795.00 ($200 increase)

Minelab E-Trac from $1,498.95 to $1,549.00 ($50 increase)

Minelab Excalibur II 1000 from $1,198.95 to $1,349.00 ($150 increase)

Minelab Sovereign GT from $798.95 to $1,049.00 ($250.00 increase)

Minelab Eureka Gold from $998.95 to $899.00 ($100 decrease) :)

Minelab X-Terra 705 from $698.95 to $729.00 ($30 increase)

Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold (same as above)

Minelab X-Terra 505 from $598.95 to $549.00 ($50 decrease)

Purchase before Sept. 26th and save money before the prospecting season hits!

Call today if you have questions:

Rob's Detector Sales

(623) 362-1459 Business Phone

(602) 909-9008 Business Cell

auplacers@yahoo.com - email

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hey Matt,

I doubt there will be any release anytime soon on a new Minelab PI. The GPX5000 is way too new and nowhere near the 2 - 2.5 years. The US dollar keeps getting weaker and weaker, as a result we will see US products getting more expensive. The Australian dollar is worth more than the US dollar. One reason the Australian customers keep calling and emailing me about sending them GPX5000's. They can buy them cheaper here in the US, rather than paying almost $400 in Australia.

On another note, Minelab PI's are normally released during our Summer season, which is Australia's Winter season. Also, if something was coming out, there would be tons of rumors and talk about a new Minelab on the Australian forums. Keep in mind, the unit will be tested and released there first, so information will leak onto the Australian forums way before a release.

If I'm wrong on a release, then spank me :spank: , but have yet to be wrong in 10 years! ;)

Just my thoughts.

Rob Allison

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Usually when you see one particular machine that has a price increase, or a price decrease, or they start throwing in an extra coil, that is when you can suspect something is afoot.

I remember years ago, before the current new ownership and management of Minelab, they told us dealers that we better stock up on a particular machine because the price was going up, it may have been the GP Extreme. So I, like so many other dealers, stocked up. I think I bought 15 machines. When the price was due to change, they released the GP3000. Sort of backfired, because it took a while for dealers to be able to afford the new machines because they had all their inventory dollars tied up in the other machine.

Minelab under Codan and a wonderful management team both in Australia and here in the U.S. work much more closely with their dealer partners now, and actually let us know what is going on.

So this is just an OBAMA, let's make the dollar worthless, price increase.

Let's look at what happens when you have a $5600 machine USD, and the Aussie dollar is worth 85 cents. like it was when the GPX5000 was released. So at 85 cents, the GPX5000 would have cost $6,588 AUD Austraian dollars.

Now let's look at what happens to the price when the American dollar drops 18 cents in value compared to the Austrailian dollar, because now the Aussie dollar has been hovering around $1.03 USD, yes the Aussie dollar is now worth more than the U.S. Dollar.

So now we take the price of $6588 Aussie dollars, and adjust it for the $1.03 exchange rate. Now that same GPX5000 should cost us $6,786 U.S.

So a $5600 machine now becomes a $6,786 machine because the decreasing value of the American Obama Economics Dollar.

Naturally Minelab has absorbed a lot of this increase and the profit margin has decreased significantly. Now of course the Marxist Socialists would tell you, that is good, they don't need to make so much money they need to spread the wealth around! The capitalist says, well if they can't make a decent profit they won't have the money they need to to the R&D to come out with the next generation of machine, and instead of a GPX5000 being around for 3 years until a new machine is released, maybe it will be 6 years.

I am a capitalist! Profit is good. Profit motivates companies to come up with newer better products that consumers need and want. And in the process of being profitable, they employ people to research and design and to manufacture these new innovative products. Those people take their paychecks and pour it back into the economy to buy things they need.

I hate it when I get going on this because I experience this crap economy on a day to day basis. I just paid $1000 in shipping charges from, Australia. Before Obama was elected those shipping charges would have been around $585.

So bottom line, this is a price increase that probably does nothing more than offset the increased costs of doing business with the U.S. and their weak dollar.


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I know what you say is correct.Now in my thinking if our money is worth less then we should be paying less for any Minelab detector.Why is it everytime I turn around I feel this sharp pain in my backside.Us rich people that is on a fix income that worked all our life can't afford to buy a detector but the worthless SOB's that never work get a free cell phone because Obama thinks they need it.I do have a cell phone but I pay for it.There goes that pain in my backside again.

The Best Doc.

Chuck Anders

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