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Just thinking that if I could find 1000 to 800 a week I would soo leave my job.. Day dreamed about it.. Id be pretty happy.. I like prospectin and seeing the little trout hangin with us.. And feedn em. Lol.. I WILL work my way up to a claim.. Im savin some change living in the bay. Dont know why people pay so much for this when you could be in the hills. Lol. Maybe back in the day when the fishin was insane.. Thinkin bout Carson City.. But at the same time my best friend wants me to move to Weed, Ca. and go to College of the Siskyous... Well to study Geology.. Oakland doesnt make this boy happy.. LOL



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That would be my 2 centavos too, go to Weed.

The contrast between Carson City and Weed is pretty stark.

If you like the outback as much as you say you do it's kind of a no-brainer.

Although it has temped most of us, I would not plan on making a living from prospecting - as least not yet.

It might be a more balanced approach to maintain your prospecting on the side

even as you are educating yourself.

At least that makes sense to me but then I am older

and more prone to promote a more conservative approach.

I always am reminded there is not much that youth cannot accomplish if you are passionate and determined,

so best of luck wherever you go and whatever you decide to do.


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Going back to school is always a good choice, my buddy after 30 years of marriage and raising 4 kids went back to college and got his masters. Years ago i worked train derailments all over the west coast, Weed, Shasta, Yreka,some of the greatest country, trout on the Klammath river, gold, hunting, what would you miss in the city? Thanx, BIGGUY

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