Almost a skunk day...

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Hey All, I took the GB Pro and went for walk/climb in a different part of the canyon. It was 99 out this afternoon but the water was nice. I got down in the canyon and was a bit tired from the heat so I looked around for one of those sit on me rocks, sure enough I found one that was form fitting. I sat down and looked up at the trees hanging over the canyon walls listening to the water making its way downstream. Well, three and a half hours later I woke up. I had to be back at the house in a little bit as the wife wanted us to spend time in the pool today. I got up and turned the detector on and went over a small flat area that had a small crevice maybe a half inch deep. I got that nice sharp signal and took my straw out and blew the sand out of the crevice. I had to get way down to see the one piece of gold that was there. Well at least I did not get skunked and I made it home right on time. As for the nap, never had a better one that I remember... TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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