Fisher gold strike

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While parusing the internet I cam across a article on the fisher gold strike.

What happened with this one? I dont hear of anyone using it?

Must have been sensitive by operating at 30KHZ.


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Hey Tom,

I know two guys that swore by the Fisher Goldstrike, a good friend now passed, Richard Doherty and Glenn that just posted again on the forums. Both of these guys swore by the Fisher Goldstrike at one time. I believe I used to hear Glenn say something about the two tone vs. single tone for gold nuggets.

Just my thoughts,

Rob Allison

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Hi Tom & Rob,

I still use one. Bought it new in 2005. This year had my free lifetime, fully paid repairs done on it. Including one free replacement 6.5" coil, new interface screen and free shipping both ways.

This year I detected the smallest amount of gold 6" down that was the size of a flake. It also detects the smallest of metal within rock. What I found as well as Ray Mills & Montana Bob is mastering or knowing your detector. The trick with the GS is in the threshold setting, second the sensitivity. With the threshold even down to -50 (normal settings are -10 to -20 which is more sensitive) you can still find and discriminate. I generally explore here in Colorado hard rock samples. Always in discriminate mode, it works for me with very little noise of sounding targets with my settings. It has a digital screen readout as well as the two tone audible. Screen displays from 00-99. My ML I use near waterways and in NM and AZ.

Off topic: Tom, Rat/hot rod is doing well in car shows here in Colorado and New Mexico. My car attracts the rockabilly girl movement. With their tattoos, wearing black, old style hairdos, dyed red hair. I like their look. Kind of the old look mixed in with the new. Jim

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A blast from the past: The Fisher Gold Strke... It was ahead of its

time with the two-tone and not a zip. For those of you who have bought a copy of Vol 3, 7th edition of the "Nuggetshooter's Bible"

from Rob check out pgs. 284-285 regarding it. I still have an early

Gold Strike which I bought directly from Fred Brust and it is ptetty

good using the accessory 6.5 x 3.5 elliptical coil...

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