First Year of Nugget Hunting

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After 40 plus years of relic hunting obsession for Civil War artifacts I stumbled on an old friend that dearly needed cash for a GPX 4500. The price was very affordable so I planned to resell the detector on Ebay and make a few bucks. Somehow I permitted a couple buds to armtwist me into detecting for nuggets in a well known local panning site and they agreed to be diggers. Well, the first trip I found 6 nuggets and I was hooked. To date, I have detected in a few Virginia sites and found over 250, maybe 300 nuggets,I don't keep count anymore, around 19.50 ozt. First off, nugget hunting is a heck of alot more difficult than relic hunting. To give credit where credit is due, I found this site,saw the small nuggets guys were digging in the western states, called Rob, asked a bunch of questions, received a bunch of honest answers, and purchased a Coiltek 14X9 mono and the same spots that produce a few nuggets with the 11" DD were soon giving up numerous one gram pieces. Since then I purchased, from Rob of course, a Coiltek DD 9" and bigboy 18" Coiltek mono and each have a purpose for those trashy or deep yielding sites. Rob shared a few tips and a couple setting that were very helpful. Along the way I purchased a Gold Screamer that really separated those small pieces that you will see in the following pictures. All in all, relic hunting is still a passion, but the payday finding the yellow stuff is very rewarding. I will be 61 years old on Friday and have a good judge of the good guys so thanks Rob and Doc! Oh, by the way, I split my finds with the two guys that twisted my arm.

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That is flipping amazing.

People don't realize that most of the things Rob and I sell are meant to enhance your detecting in such a way that they pay for themselves. I just can't imagine detecting without a Gold Screamer amplifier.

I know how it makes those little dinks pop, when without it you wouldn't hear it at all.

Still, that is just an amazing haul for your first year. Pretty gold!


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