GB2 or SD2200V2

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What do you have now? The 2200 will not find the 1/10 grain size my experience 2 or 3 grains would have been the smaller detectable size...the gb2 and other Gold Bugs will get the sub-grain, like fishing or hunting do you want meat or trophies?


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I own and use a GB2 and a Minelab Gpx pulse induction machine. The GB2 is a great machine but it has its limits. As does the GPX. I have used the 2200 v2 these are good machines but dont have the ability to find as smaller gold at depth as the later GP or Gpx series. I use the GB2 in areas where I know the targets are small and in shallow ground less than 8 inches deep. These targets are generally too small and out of the range limits of PI machines. If you are detecting new areas where the gold is deeper and larger I would favour the 2200 v2. If you are detecting areas which have been previously detected and flogged I would favour the GB2 to pick up the missed small nuggets. Remember there are a lot more tiny nuggets than big ones. good luck I think you want one of each seeya Neilo

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