My day in the hills

Recommended Posts out today..had a really good time with my dad digging in the dirt and enjoying arizona. smile.gif

Heres some pixs..

Did about 6 hrs of detecting and found some bullets,wire and schrapnal. Usual stuff, but it was a nice quite area over all. Not much trash. Couple of airplanes...

Got out the shovels and vacuum on a absolutly beautiful God given riffle...........

Cleaned it all out and got some nice pieces out of it...I know its not huge...but its something. Have to work upstream from here. This was roughly 7 gallons of dirt sucked/dug out...Ran it through the trommel tonight. Good way to end the day!

I think this is going to be a nice place to drywash.

Dern HeeHaa kept leting me know he was around. smile.gif Never seen a black one like this one.



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Hey Tom,

Great trip with some gold! Hey, I think it's great you have a Father that enjoys the same hobby has you. Sure wish my Father liked gold, hunting & football are his hobbies. I can tell from the pictures it's a place I have been many times in the past 20 years, definately known for gold.

Thanks for sharing.

Rob Allison

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Looks like a wonderful trip Tom. I am getting out with my dad in a few weeks for a trip at GB with him. Looking forward to the time swinging with my dad. He being at 77 is a priceless time for me. Brent

Hey Brent:

I should be at the outing also with my dad.

Most likely Friday and Sat.


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