El Paso Mts. Hunt this weekend

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I am finally going to get out and so some swinging in the next few days and would love to have some company if anybody is available! I will be going out to the Randsburg/El Paso Mts. on Fri, Sat., and Sun. so if you would like to meet up sometime, send me a PM and I will reply with my phone number and we can work out arrangements. Hope to get at least a couple of replies.

I have access to the following claims in that area:

Burro I and Burro II (Valley Prospectors San Bernardino)

Red Chispa (PCSC)

Pilgrim (PCSC)

Clark (PCSC)


Close One (GPAA)

First Chance 1 (GPAA)

K-Able #6WPD (GPAA)

6 Feet Under (GPAA)

If anyone else here is a member of any of these clubs and have some advice, suggestions, or comments please feel free to post them. Thanks.

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Still plenty hot down your way...I'm sure you'll have the desert to yourself, good hunting!



Weather forecast calls for a high of 98, which in reality will be around 103-104, but it's a sight better than 112-114....:D. I plan to get out early and be done by noon or one o'clock as Flak mentioned. I gotta do something though. My 3000 has only seen gold encased in a plastic chip (thanks again El Dorado) and it is time she earn her keep.


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Good luck be careful and trust you find some of that yellow gold.

Thank you, Brent. I sure hope I find something as well. I have spent a lot of timing just listening to and learning my detector, so I am praying that all the studying has paid off. I guess we will see. :blush:

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