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Hello All,

Here is something a customer wanted me to post on my forums -

Rob, the charge back on the CC came through today. Many many thanks! Once again, you've proven yourself the best online dealer going.

I'd like to offer this for you to consider putting in your Feedback section:

"It's easy to get good feedback from customers when everything goes right, but when there's a problem, that's a whole 'nother story.

I made a purchase from Rob's Detectors a little while back. There were problems with my detector (which I'd purchased about 1.5 years ago from Rob and hadn't had problems with till now) which took about 3 weeks to get taken care of. When the detector came back, I still wasn't 100% satisfied with my purchase, so I contacted Rob. He came through like a champ and we resolved the situation easily and quickly!

Needless to say, Rob's got my business from here on out (not that he didn't have it already!).


New Mexico"

As you can see, I'm VERY impressed on how you handled our transaction and the return. Keep up the outstanding customer service!

B.J. Verret

(aka TXKajun

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