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Hey All, I got out today for a few minutes. I was sitting at the house watching the weather and a hole opened up in the sky. I had specific area that I was headed. I never got to it because as I was going up the trail the very first gully caught my eye. I saw two river worn rocks that were making their way down the slope. I walked up to investigate and about 200 yards in I found old diggins and no dig holes. Right about then the thunder clapped just a short distance away. It had not started raining yet so I turned the detector on and the very first target was gold, as was the second target. I no sooner got the second piece in the vial when the rain let loose. It was really coming down so I headed back to the rig. I was completely sopped by the time I got to the rig. I do know that gold is in the area anyway and that was just the first gully. I have six more gullies to cross before I get to the point I am interested in. Hopefully it may take me quite a few trips and several weeks before I get to the final point. As long as all the gullies have gold in them I will be happy. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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hey Raygun,

nice job, those pics look similar to the first place we went detecting.

well, hunting season is over, looking forward to going with ya' again.

can't wait to get slapped with my hat again, lol. maybe you can slap holly this time.

anyway keep up the good finds. you make my gold bug look better all the time.

take care


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