Last Trip of the Year

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Well Pops, my boy Kenny and I are doing one last trip up to the hills. The writing is on the wall... Lol Can't run a sluicing operation in downpours.. Just came back from Trinity.. lol Hit up 299.. The weird thing is there is a definate difference between the Auburn area and Trinity.. I find ALOT of flour and flakes along with chunks in the American.. On the Trinity I only get chunks... Not much flour at all.. Anyways.. Well boys.. Its been my first year.. I have plans to really get into this.. I might live in the the Bay, and all my cash goes to rent, but I am going to do what I can to invest in this.. The best hobbie of all. (Besides tossin a line for some food.)I never have been skunked.. and most of all I am happy to be in this crowd..

Let you know how it goes...


B.T.W. The pic is of this random alter I found in the hills off of 299.. lol


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