Starting a new change in direction.

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As a former succesful gold detecting prospector, I'm starting to see another place in my heart to detect something else other than gold nuggets because of my new location in Texas. Does, or can anyone here expand about their successes of coin/ring finds using the Minelab exterra 705? Seems the technology with these machines can illiminate more confusion in the trashy areas, whereas those trashy gold patches I came accross previously nugget shooting, were a must dig situation in most cases.

Help me out here.

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Hello 1Boeing737. I dont know anyting about the ML exterra 705, but I also live in Tx. just outside of Houston. I enjoy hunting on the beach and old farms. What part of Tx are you in?

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Hiyas, Boeing737, and welcome to Nuggethunting Forums.

I've had a 705 for a little over a year now. It was an upgrade from a Garret Ace 250 starter machine for me.

The 705 is pretty much a go-get-'em-right-out-of-the-box beeper. It has 4 presets that can make the trash and background virtually disappear when you're hunting in a park or school ground or at an old house frame. It doesn't need a lot of customizing on the settings to get it to run extremely well, so a very short learning curve. It's a great machine!

I've had it out prospecting a couple of times and I feel confident that if I'd swung it over a nugget, it would've seen it.

Yep, 2 modes....coin/relic and prospecting. Seems to work well in both modes.

I've got at least one coil in each of the frequencies available, but my favorite is the DD oval high freq coil (as sold on the Gold Finder version of the 705). Good luck to ya.



Rob here has the best prices/service after the sales/package deals anywhere around!

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