My weekend at GB

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Boy, what a good time.
Went up to the outing that Bunk and Chris are hosting at Gold basin. The weather was PERFECT for detecting. Lots of good people to talk to and learn from.
Really clean ground to detect.
If youve never been to one of these type of outings definently try to go. Its a really good time.
I didnt find any gold (made some golden memories!) but did find a meteorite. smile.gif Its 8.5grams. Stuck in between a barrel cactus and a bush. Funny thing...there was a dig hole about 15 ft away from it. I was using my coil like broom stick around the bushes up there. Thats how I found it.
Tom H.

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Hey Tom,

Congrats on the meteorite find. Now you can say you found a meteorite with your metal detector. I have a lot of good memories searching for gold and meteorites at Gold Basin.

P.S. It's getting much cooler now, we might need to take that trip we talked about soon. ;)

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Tom , Im happy for you man....A rock from space is pretty damn cool in my book B) I like the crust on that one....You`ll get a nugget next time..

Hey all:

Tks for all the comments.

Best thing of all, My dad had a real good time getting out.

Kept hoping he would find something.did dig up a bit of time though the yellow may come :)

Tell you what....after about 6 hrs of quite detecting out there in GB, to finally come over a nice solid hit was exciting.

I started digging it and after I scraped the first couple of inches it, I thought..crap another bullet!...played around in the pile and found the dern thing. I was really happy!

Kept playing with it..spitting on it...looking at it...and beeping it over the know how it is. :) GB is a beautiful place if you look around at the mountains and stuff. Its mind boggling to relize how much water must have come through those mountains to create the fans that are in there.

Life is good out in the field.

Taker easy all


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