Old Goldmaster tip of the day!!

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Hello to all,

Not sure if there are any whites Goldmaster GM, GM2 or V-Sat users still around but lately I have been experementing with running an external poweramp on the audio signal and have been pleasently surprised with the results. Didn't use a measuring stick but apparent depth air gains are about 3 plus inches on a semi buried target of lead. The Gm3 and the GM 4-B have a 3 to 5 signal boost switch which for the most part is basically doing the same thing you can achieve by running an external amp on the older units. Personally, I think the external amp works better because you can run a much lower threshold level...I own a GM 4-B and so I was able to do side by side comparison and like the external better. I offer this info for those that might want to pick up more depth on the older GM,s or at least "percieved" depth by boosting the audio on those very faint signals and ground disturbances which often times are deeply buried Gold. Not sure if the Minelab amp would work but you can sure pick one up at Radio shack that does a fair job with signal to noise ratio not the best but still not a bad bang for the buck. Hope this helps someone looking to get an edge with some older technology.


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