Okay Max, it's gettin cold up here

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Neither my truck nor doggy are fond of cold (plus I'm just eatin pie & watchin TV) so I'm looking at places around Tucson for the winter.

Craigslist is infested with corporate apartments so if anyone knows a spot that's a match I'd be much obliged. Or a website better for home searches.

Here's my criteria:

1. 1-bedroom or larger house or mobile home with ample parking for my 27-foot box truck. It's a diesel and makes a racket.

2. I just go out once or twice a day so don't need to be in city. I'd prefer a guest house, trailer or small house on a ranch or somewhere outside of the city.

This place looked great but appears to be off market -(Paste into Google map satellite view)

14230 W Raindance Road, Tucson AZ, 85736

3. $700 or less is nice. I don't know utility costs there so there's flexibility if they're included (I'm paying $400 now).

4. I'm called an "ideal tenant" by my landlords- pay rent on time, no drama, doggy doesn't bark or mess in house, I do improvements (with permission), and help out some. References available.

5. Move-in November 1st or so. Very flexible with date.

Please post or PM and suggestions for a place or website.

Thanks! :)

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