Out with the Gold Bug 2 again

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Yesterday got out to my favourite old gold field using my GB2 its my sixth outing with the GB2 and my tally of gold finds with this machine is now over the hundred pieces. They might not be big but who cares with gold prices the way they are coming home with even 0.5 grms is still around the $30 mark. I am using Black Widow headphones running in normal mineralisation using boost mode. The headphones are turned down in volume I find this helps distinguish clear signals from ground noises. Yesterdays finds weighed in at 0.6 grms, not the biggest but still very happy to bring home. 1gold.jpg

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We had a blast all Summer swing the Gold Bug 2. I also use the Black Widow Headphones, which I believe is a must for any detector. I hunt in Disc Mode and switch it off to verify the zip sound...most folks hunt the opposite way, but what ever works for you is my moto. Now that somewhat cooler days are here the GB2 will collect some needed rest with my Minelab being used.

Keep the gold coming and filling your poke,


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Keep on doing what you are doing Nilo, it seems to be working for you, and don't forget to work the area again from a 90 degree angle, you might be suprised.

Have you tried to go over the same area with the bigger coil to see if there are any deeper pieces out there? thanks for sharing again.

Allen in MT

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