Two Virginia Nuggets

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AZ, my success? Lucky I suppose to have permission to hunt some of the larger tracts of land in the gold pyrite belt. Unlike the western states where BLM land is abundant, in the east every square foot is privately owned. That wasn't a problem when we detected for civil war relics 40 years ago but today after housing developments, shopping malls, and parks its difficult to gain permission to hunt, fish, detect or even take a walk in the areas that contain relics or old mining sites. If you carry a detector, pan or shovel on state or federal owned land you will go to jail, serious stuff. Over one half of the old sites in my area have been developed or owned by the state or Feds.

Other than that, I have used detectors for nearly 50 years and I am persistent. You have got to believe there is a nugget on the next swing. Oh, most of the mining here stopped in 1849 when everyone left for Sutters, little did they know that I would be along a little later with a GPX 5000!

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