Falcon MD20 Gold Tracker

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The Falcon MD20 Gold tracker metal detector seems like it would be just the right tool at the right price for detecting gold nuggets. Has any one heard of/used this device ?

It would be nice to get some feed back before I plunk down $245 for one.

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I have one, good to test quartz to see if there is any fine gold. Also you can buy a longer handle and earphones on their website. I've used it at times to lower down into deep cracks in bedrock.


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If it is metal it will sound off there is no discrimination. When you buy it it comes with a card with a tiny piece of gold. It's a great tool how ever you use it! I bought mine for my kids they detect with me and when I have a target they can get in there and find it while I work on another target. Also great for panning

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Although it doesn't discriminate, once you get a little time with it there are ways to

determine differnt responses (you can play with the test card and see). It's in the manual....it's a good tool and worth the money.

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