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is it true that you should have your stabilizer set around 7 points of your gain.meaning some people have been saying that if you run your gain at 14 you should have your stabilizer at at least 7.also is it better to run your gain as high as possible.i run my gain at 13 and my stabilizer at 4 and have no trouble finding gold to 8 inches deep.i run a 4500 with a coiltek 14 x 9.just wondering if i am missing anything with the way i have these settings


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Gday Houghy

Mate i assume you are also running in Enhance also, here's something,

if you run your gain on 14 and notch up your stab to 8-9 and put the

motion in v/slow & GB in slow, then do a close GB in Fixed "ie" only pump 1-3cm up n down at

1 second up, 1 second down speed, then go back over a patch youve already got gold from with a 4 second sweep speed you may get a pleasant surprise, but the sweep speed is critical to keep the

threshold smooth and stable.

As you know its not about the amount of ground covered, but the quality of the way your chosen

ground is detected,

I would suspect running your gain at 13 and stab at 4 you are definately missing some gold,

and those nuggets are gonna be the flat ones lying side on to your coil and also the ones

at the depth limit of your present settings.

Also have you heard of the "bogene" group of settings ?? maybe have a quick read of these 2 links



Pete in WA B)

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thanks very much for that information pete.i used those settings the other night at a couple of spots and didnt find anything not to say its not there.took a while to get used to the speed but i stopped off at a spot on the way home that has been absolutely hammered for years and within 5 minutes and in amongst about 20 bits of rubbish i got a very faint signal.i dug for a while and after digging about a foot deep i found a specimen with a bit of gold sticking out in a few spots.it screamed quite a bit so the next day i crushed it and got just over 11 grams out of it.was my first ever specy so i was very happy.found a few other little nuggets as well but not sure if i would have found them with my old settings.thanks again for your help


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not sure if this worked but this is what i have found in the last 8 monthspost-29640-0-60678300-1319418744_thumb.j

After that pic.... I should just quit.. lol

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G'day Houghy

Mate im Real happy for you getting that nice specie, was it in banded ironstone (BIF) country

or just the usual ground up your way,theres been some real nice species found up nth, largest i have seen had 1.5 kilo of gold all through it and it was in a bluish qrtz..

Found out the western shaw area last year..

Good luck out there and all the best

Pete in WA B)

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