Cleaning nuggets

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I have about 5 grams of nuggets that some have tested as 15k Gold I am not sure what the others are. I have had all of them in 70% Nitric acid for a couple of days and I am wondering how long nuggets typically need to soak in NHO3? Right now they have a grey-white coating on them.

Is there anything else that needs to happen with the nuggets when they have finished soaking to remove non-Gold material from the surface of the nugget(s)?

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Put them in a plastic bottle and pour table salt on them, fill the bottle with water, and shake it for awhile and the gold will come out clean and shine. Grubstake

Sound like an easy thing to try. Thanks ! Can you give me some idea of how long it needs to be shaken ?

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Depends on how much gold your talking about, a two oz bottle with nuggets, half full of salt, and shake it for around 15 minutes, should do the trick. I've cleaned lots of nugget like this after putting them in acid. Shake them till they look nice. Grubstake

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