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GB2 or BG Pro?  

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  1. 1. Should i get a Gold Bug 2 or a Gold bug Pro?

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I need help boyz.. Influence me! lol

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At first I was like Gold Bug II all the way , but that is because I use one in very specific type ground for the smallest of nuggets possible. But now that Tracker brought up the learning curve , I will say that the Gold Bug Pro , would be the best bet for your situation. It can hunt deeper ground on slightly larger targets ,and the Auto Ground Balance will be a plus for you .. Worst case dont like it or you get bored with the hobby, then you can sell it and recoupe a great deal of your money back. Gold Bugs hold thier value really well.

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If your local gold is predominantly fly poop size (1/2 grain and under) then get the GB2.

If your've got a GPX and want to complement it with a VLF, get a GB2.

If your local gold is flattened from being pounded in alluvium, and mainly in bedrock cracks, and your bedrock is metamorphic (not greenschist) get the GB-Pro.

If your local gold is predominantly coarse then get the GB-Pro, at the end of the day you will likely have more weight in your poke. You can find a lot more gruely bits in the same time it takes to get all the fly poop bits found with a GB2 into your bottle.

The best way really would be to try both units on home turf and see what works best for you, in some situations the GB-Pro really rocks. Take some hot rocks and small nuggets down to your detector retailer and try both units out in the shop, but pay close attention to what your local retailer says as he will know what is best for your neck of the woods. Although some retailers will not be up with the GB-Pro yet as I'm sure some users are keeping quiet and not giving feedback, as I said before in some situations the Pro is King, but in others it is a nightmare, but then any VLF would be knicker twisted in the same situation. A dealer who only recommends the dearest will not last in businesses very long these days, word speads quick via the net.

My wife uses the GBPro and she loves it, mainly because of the ease of use. She steered well clear of all my other machines because of too many knobs and switches.

Be sure you get it right though, buy in haste repent at leisure, you are doing your homework that is good.

All the best.


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