Exploring virgin country not known for gold

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Hello All,

This morning a partner and I decided to explore some country we both have eyed for years. This particular area is not known for placer or lode gold, but does have some geologic signs that gold mineralization could be present. Well we proved it out today after 55+ miles of driving on the quads. Over the course of the day, we dug a good share of bullets, wire, casings, boot tacks and even a few small nuggets to let us know it's there!

We were both using the Minelab GPX5000's with the Coiltek Blitz searchcoils.

Pictured below are some pictures I took during the day. Two pictures of nuggets in nature and then a final picture of my take with some of the trash I dug. Like I said, nothing to write home about, but finding gold where they say it should be is fun.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Thanks for posting the pictures in the natural state

Now I know what to look for this winter leaving soon WI around Nov 14th to go to our NEW place in North Ranch in Congress,AZ closing on Friday

55 miles by atv what's that in pick up miles

good job Rob



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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the kind words. Always great to get out there and find some gold in new spots. The quad needed a good workout since it's been sitting most of last year and a good portion of this year.

Went back out today and found some more gold.

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob,

Hello everyone from Coromandel Town, NZ... a beautiful little town nestled in a bay and surrounded by ocean...hills...... and GOLD was found here in the 40's.....i went by an old stamp battery (mill) they call them batteries here. The cab driver said they had 22 batteries here at one time!

Going fishing tomorrow..on the mussel beds....hmmmm...

Anyway, my time is getting short over here,, i am missing hunting my NV claim, but i am missing dad more so i will head on back to Texas.

Hope to see you all again when the time is right.

You still got the nose....Rob! lolol

Keep posting up nuggets!


i "WAS" a congressman.... hahaha

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