El Dorado! Need more Lapis!?

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Hello ElDorado...hope things are well. Back in Afghanistan again. Been by the Merchants here at the Boardwalk. Walking by and saw the rock! Are you still interested? 20 pounds of blue...gotta make your mouth water....



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Holly Molly Batman look at that pyramid..... If that beautiful chunk is that much money..... I cannot afford it right now. If that is some other denomination of $$ PM me so we can work it out........

Keep your head down and know your six... good luck

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Thanks for all the replys and keep safe. We always like that! I have not been detecting in a while, been bouncing around the northern hemishpere. This is a pic on the day off near our hooch. I was at work the other day and my buddies heard this whiz go over head at the hooch! What was that! was the natural responce...then it dawn on the crew, that was a incoming rocket Dude! Boom...no one hurt! Thank God...Funny how these guys will sell you Lapis one day and rocket your a&* the rest of the week! Guido


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