SoAz nuggz

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Oh you are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good gold!! I like the way you excavated an

savoring the moment, huh bro!


Guess what, i am looking for a job again!!!,,,dad got a "VA Primary care nurse" assigned to him yesterday... and he told me to ,,"GET A JOB!!!!" :lol:

LOLOLOLOL...i love him...

All i have left is a drywasher and a shovel,,,good enuff??? Do you need help digging???

Find me a temp nurse job down there...lolol

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Hey guys just wanted to share a couple of recent finds. Its getting super cool out. Happy desert season everyone ;)

Wow! Your on to some good stuff!

Hammer it till theres nothing left :)

Then hammer it again so you can sleep at night!

Tom H.

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Thanks guys , theres nothing better than seeing nuggets in nature out in the field. I get a rush every time i blow some material out of a crack exposing some yellow :o .thanks again........... Justin

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