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Decided last night to see if pops wanted to go out and hit that wash that I found the really good stuff in last weekend.

Of course he said YAH!

So...we went out and hit it hard. Hit all the tribs into it all the way up to the head of them. Hit the belly of the wash...sides of the wash...back, front, inside, up on the top of the hills, outcropings, outside,inside again....and...NADA!

Hit some other washes close to it and.....NADA!

So, then we found a really nice inside bend with bedrock. Got the shovels and vac out and cleaned it up. Ran it through the trommel tonight and ....NADA!

Actaully....its good to have a solid skunk to keep you humble :)

I was so fortunate to hit the stuff I did in the last few weeks.

Hey, I did find a 6mm socket that I can use! :) Dont ask me how it got back in there???? Maybe I can use the alligator clip to pull the 6 strand of hair I have left out of my face :0

This is the way it goes...nuggetsville to nothingsville.

Just got to keep at it and enjoy the hunt.

It was a really good time out. Weather was PERFECT.

Hope everyone that goes out this weekend gets some yellow or some yellow memories.

Tom H.

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Tom , maybe you are trying to hunt to much and to quickly. It takes time to clean off an area. Bummer on the inside bend, but it has to be the right kind of inside bend.....You`ll get e`m next time....I had a nice skunk last Sunday near the San Domingo... ;)

Hey Adam:

Belive me....I was creeping along in the wash I found last weekend. I got so tore up from the little bushes with the hook claws. I was bleeding like a stuck pig! You know.

The tribs were a easy half swing when I was hunting them.

VERY HOT though.

I was on my hands and knees in some areas with the dern headphone cord hanging me!

I do feel ive given that wash my best.

Cant wait till the next gully washer! :)

Hope you guys do well this week end. :)

Yah...Ill get em next or the time after or .....ect..ect...

Its fun :)

Tom H.

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