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Hey guys! Been sitting at home fiendin for some dirt but being from the Bay area, all of the foothills will be blown out in a matter of days.. I was wondering on making a single trip out to the desert (Arizona or Nevada).. Was just wondering what would be a good "area" as in town or county I should head to.

Just a shot in the dark..


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Any county in the West side of the state, from west of Tucson (city) all the way North to West of the Grand Canyon. Seriously.

More specific areas would be the Bradshaw Mtns in west-central AZ, Gold Basin on the Southeast shores of Lake Mead, West of Quartzsite, Greaterville, Arivaca (take more than just you and an arsenal).

The areas in AZ are much like those in Nohen CA... All over the place in a given geological trend. The terrain is a lot different as it's less high altitude and not a granite batholith. The major difference Is that most of our placer areas are not sorted by water action (at least not in the recent past) as much as those in northern CA.

If I had to pick one area, without regard to travel time... Man, I really don't know. I've not been to enough to make that call and must defer to some of the more experienced folks here. We all have our favorites for whatever reason. It might not make them better than another.

Just like everywhere, be careful of claims... We don't have a concealed carry law in AZ. I'm just sayin :)

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