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got a couple more today for a nice 3.5 dtw B) almost got skunked so i went off track and found a new patch, i hope :ph34r:


Keep at it.. :)

Im going out tomarow and hit a couple of washes.

Glad your getting some nice nugs.

Tom H.

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hey Jason , we need to do a group hunt or two this winter for sure. Sorry i havent been posting lately , ive been spending alot of time at work <_< , with 4 kids and school :wacko: , and in the hills :ph34r: . oh a lot of fishing lately too :lol: hit a miner up

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BB, great looking nugs! There's always new gold to find if you put the time in the hunt...WTG


thanks Lucky, ive been into some sweet stuff lately and hate to let one of my big ones go but momma wants something nice for Christmas :lol: hope you guys are kickin butt over there ;)

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Good going Lad, better than I did on Wed.. I only found the one little peice, not much gold. Gave it to a Neighbour. Take care Bro. Doug

Hey bud, did you finally get every last crumb out of that spot? what are you up to like a couple hundred out of there? :spank: think its about time we hit the wash below that deposit youre on :huh:

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Paul im missin ya, when you going to visit?

Soon i hope and pray,,,soon.....

i still have the fever and this time away is making it worse....kinda like AZ Overland....makes me wanta go full time!

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