couple more yellow babies

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Hey all:

Welp. Go to go out and do some digging around in my favorite wash.

I saw a tranchula that was crepping along and pissing and moaning about all this gold crap he had to keep moving around.

Didnt pack the camera to take pic of him:( I followed him a bit but man was he moving slow. Told him I would come back and chat some other day.

Found a fantastic place to find some bullets if anyone is into recycling lead.

I was able to coax a couple of babies out of the wash. smile.gif 1.3 grams.

Then I got to thinking...Hey, maybe I pulled mom and dad out with the big nugs I got last weekend..So, I decided to carefuly put them back in the spot where I found them and let them keep putting out some more little guy for me! Sounds like a plan????

Figure Ill go up in a year or two and see how mom and dad did. smile.gif

It was a great week end out with friends and the weather was absolutly fantastic!

Taker easy all

Tom H.

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nice yellow babies indeed , just send the gps of momma nug to me and ill go check on her for you :lol: GREAT JOB B) nug just mailed me and said the iron oxide and shists I planted around her and dad were the cats meow.

Thier happy and will pump some more out for me in the next year.


Tom H

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