A yellow day!

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Hey all:

Welp, got to go out with pops today and do some detecting.

Tried a new wash waaaaaaay back in!

Good Lord blessed us today! smile.gif

This is no story....im almost embaresed to tell it.

I detected a wash for about 2 1/2 hours and didnt get anything. So I decided to head back to the truck and figure out my next move. Well, as I walk back I leave the machine on and kind of scoot it along in front of me. I half heartedly ran it over a area next to where I dug up some trash and got a little sound. I kept walking saying to myself, its just more trash. Then I stopped and said to myself...this is why im out here is to dig. So I went back and got the signal again. Well, I dug up the big one and another smaller one about 2 feet away.

Hit the rest of the wash area up and down really slow and no more.

Went to the next wash over and found all of the small stuff.

I guess the one im proudest of is the smallest one. Its .3 grams and was 3 inches deep. Could barley hear it.

7.7 grams for the day! Yay!!

After a few small ones I started marking the targets and let pops dig them up. That way I could keep swinging.

He had fun doing that so I think that may be the way we go from now on.

It was a great day with really nice weather.

Tom H.

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Good golly Tom..I think I raised a monster nugget finder.Glad you have stuck it out.

You have no one to blame but yourself :P

Seriously....im glad you got me reinterested in prospecting.

Were having a blast out there. :)


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Sure beats driving your truck off a cliff , while following someones directions... :D

Nice work Tom B)

Oh crap...he told you about that!

That was deffinently a pucker up time, for me anyway. :)

I was tasting my tooth fillings for a good hour after that little moment. :blink:



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