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I just want to say, "Thank You" to Rob and all the other forum menbers for their great posts and encouragement. I bought my GPX 5000 back in June during the triple digit heat, but have only been out several time during the last month. I finally made arraingement with Rob for my hand on training on November 20th. I met up with Rob on his claim near Rich Hill. After a run through on all the options, and power the GPX 5000 have Rob let me loose! After digging a handful of boot tacks, and small wire pcs I found my 1st nugget with the GPX 5000. the nugget weight in at .4g on my scale. I am a happy camper! Thank you Rob, and all the other forum menbers that made this possible. I am switching from the Minelab Eureka Gold to the GPX 5000.

More Au to you, Robert



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Way to go ...!!!

Rob helped me get mine.... a year ago...after that i found my first 1/4 ouncer,,,,still looking for the 1 ouncer when i get back in the area!

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  • Admin

Hey Robert,

It was a pleasure to have you down. It was also great to see you turn up that small nugget around the old-timer workings. Thanks once again for your business, I'm sure you're going to love the GPX5000 the more you use it.

I have a couple of pictures of you and other customers that weekend I will post. All customers were able to turn up a nugget, biggest was 3.2 Dwt's.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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