The Cable Thing

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Until now If you wanted a to control the false signals when you bump the coil cable when it attaches to the control box you had to make your own.

This unit is fast to attach and changing coils is a breeze.

This device is from Accurturn, (the carbon fiber shaft place) Herb Browning the same family that brought us the BAR

Its made from a medical grade ABS. A phillips screwdriver is all you need to install it. Coil changing is quick with no tools needed.

The photos are of a prototype, the retail units have rounded corners and are a smoother finish. They also have a grove in the top for the quick track cable.

They should be included with every detector.

A Cable Thing will protect your expensive coil investment. Anyone who dose not make one or buy one risks more than a cable failure, shorting the lead can damage the detector electronics. And we all know what a pain it can be to be without you detector for the weeks of repair/shipping time.

Pm me for more info.

They make a great stocking stuffer



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Just bought a couple.

Immediate postage... thanks Chris.

Looking forward to fitting them. I've seen some do-it-yourself jerry-rigged plastic parts fitted to the shaft that were supposed to work the same way but they were crude and flimsy. The problem with the main coil cable shifting or being aligned at a very acute angle due to the wraparound goes back generations of detectors and I'm surprised it was never considered by the manufacturer to be worth a closer look. Even if your cable doesn't chirp when you bump it, your Cable Thing should reduce random strain on the connector.

Thanks again.

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