Another Minelab GPX5000 Customer from Aguila

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Hello All,

This weekend I met up with Joe from Aguila, AZ for his Minelab GPX5000 field instructions. Joe is no noobie to metal detecting, he has been swinging a VLF in the past, but not with a whole lot of success. Joe drove down Saturday, purchased his new GPX5000 metal detector and then we conducted his field instructions. After a few hours, Joe was off hunting by himself in an old nugget patch and ended up scoring two gold nuggets on his first outing.

I think this is just the beginning for Joe and his nugget poke!

Joe thanks for your business, wishing you much more success in the Arizona goldfields.

Picture 1 - Joe displaying his new Minelab GPX5000 metal detector purchased from Rob's Detector Sales

Picture 2 - Joe showing both gold nuggets found during his field instructions with Rob

Hope you enjoyed.

Rob Allison

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Dude ! Thats Dakota Fred If I`ve even seen e`m.... :D He`s gonna kill e`m around Aguila

Oh dear gawd.. lol

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