Reno Chris...part three is here

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Hey Chris; thank you for the Australia article you took so much time and effort to write. This final part had me reaching (almost) for the Quantas ticket agent...the pictures reminded me the fantastic sights of previous visits...I love Oz.

I always say I probably won't go back...but.............maybe I will.


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Man you got your copy already? I won't get mine for three or four more days. I think mine gets passed around the post office before it gets to me if it doesn't get put in the wrong box first. That magazine has always been one of best out there when it comes to prospecting and the individual miner but Chris's addition to the staff and his writing has made it even better. I look forward to it every month to see what he writing about.


You up for another hunt yet, the weather is looking like its going to be nice for a while.

Take care both of you.


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Chris, it was nice to meet you for the first time in person today at the mining conference. I really enjoyed seeing your jar of nuggets from your recent trip to Australia. Hope to see you again, maybe in the field.


P.S. If you ever want a tour of the lab let me know.

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