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Well I've only been out 3 times, shooting in the local parks school and Beach. I hate it when I cant find the target so I purchased a New Pin-pointer. I bought a Garrett Pro-Pointer.

Now I need to get out there and put it to work.

I'll post pics later of my recent finds.


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There are a number of issues with using the Garrett Pin Pointer with a Minelab PI

however, they also can be overcome.

Apparently the Garrett Pin Pointer interferes with GPX detectors when it's either on or off.

The problem, as you might expect, is exacerbated when using a large coil - the main reason to use a pin-pointer in the first place.

The way around the problem is to make a metal carrying case to put the probe point into.

This is an informed thread about the pin pointer and the interference issue.

I think the part about how to solve the problem comes about half-way down the page.



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Thanks again Flak, I will try several alloys to find the one that creates a shield. This was a very informative thread. I also watched the link about how to increase the sensitivity and it was good info.

Thanks again for your help. This forum is full of good people and great info.


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